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3.80€ ttc/Months
Hébergement Web cloud High-performance and high-quality internet hosting on SSD media.
Internet host Hébergement Web cloud SSD disk space Free of engagement Support 7J / 7
cheap VPS 3.80€ ttc/Months
Cloud VPS server All the power of a cheap and customized VPS server
Internet host VPS server Instant delivery Free of engagement Custom & Extensible
59.90€ ttc/Months
Dedicated Servers Your most important projects on a strong and scalable infrastructure
Dedicated Servers Dedicated server ISO mount vRack Ready Support 7J / 7 Priority
Internet domains 7.99€ ttc/year
Internet domains Your web addresses with over 220 Extensions available and pre-configured
Internet domains Domains Whois Protect + 220 Extensions available Delivered configured
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Nextwab Technical Support
Technical Support
Nextwab provides you with a series of explanatory documents about its services.
You can always contact 7/7 technical support by tickets, Facebook, Twitter, SMS or instant conversations

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Supervision Open the monitoring
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Internet host The quality internet hoster ! Based on a solid infrastructure and improved quality of service, Nextwab is based on the fact that a service purchased is a service to be rendered.
Thus, every order is successfully honored and benefit from the 30 days Money Back Guarantee !
Web Hosting Offers Web hosting offers Our web hosting offers have been simplified! The system is inspired by VPS sessions, which means that every customer pays only when their web hosting is active. Thus, the number of domains to host is not limited and without commitment !

Hosting my website
VPS server Your VPS server Up to 8 vCores, 12GB of RAM, 300Gb of disk space and 8 IPv4, from 4 € per month.
At this price, DDoS protection is also included !

Create my VPS Server
Internet hosting provider ssd Web hosting up to 14x faster ! Web servers, MySQL and SSD-based files for increased responsiveness.
SSDs are up to 14 times faster than an HDD, thanks to the absence of rotating mechanical parts !
Quality guarantee satisfied or refunded Satisfied or Refunded In addition to being able to take advantage of non-binding offers, each Nextwab customer benefits from an extended withdrawal period of up to 30 days without conditions, valid on all VPS servers and web hosting offers !
VPS outsourcing and dedicated server Supervising your machine 24 hours a day One of Nextwab's most popular offerings: monitoring your dedicated server or VPS server and 24/7 repair.
An outsourcing service capable of detecting a machine fault within a minute in order to intervene as efficiently as possible

Managed Services
Send SMS with a PHP website Sending SMS from his website Communicate your registration confirmations, security codes, events & alerts by SMS with the sender name of your choice.
A guarantee of quality and an increase in the notoriety of your Web projects !

Send SMS from his website
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Nextwab Wide Area Business La supervision
La supervision est un process essentiel à la gestion de nos services.
Il est primordial d'être avertit à la minute près lorsqu'un incident survient, afin d'être le plus réactif possible

Du sur-mesure, encore ...!
Nous profitons de notre expérience à chaque instant, notamment pour dresser les outils qui nous sont des plus pertinents pour fournir une qualité d'hébergement élevée.
Notre outil de supervision a été conçu de sorte à pouvoir répondre à l'ensemble de nos besoins précis et correspondre en tout point à notre infrastructure.

Coté technique, nous disposons d'une interface affichant le détails de chaque machine : CPU, RAM, Disques, Bande Passante, et processus en cours avec utilisation des ressources. Lorsqu'un défaut survient, nous avons différents automates qui interviennent pour analyser, corriger et redresser l'état de la machine.
Ces automates ont une minute pour que leurs dispositions prises soient considérés comme un succès. Au delà de ce délais, si le défaut n'est toujours pas corrigé, une alarme visuelle et sonore est déclenchée sur l'interface de supervision et un SMS est automatiquement envoyé a la personne chargée d'astreinte.

Nous proposons également ce type de supervision au grand public via nos offres de supervision et d'infogérance de serveurs dédiés ou VPS