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3.80€ ttc/Months
Web Hosting High-performance, high-quality cheap web hosting on virtualized servers.
Internet host Web Hosting On virtual private servers Non-binding offers 24 hour supervised servers
cheap VPS 3.80€ ttc/Months
VPS server All the power of a cheap and customized VPS server
Internet host VPS server Instant delivery VPS without obligation Tailor-made & extendable at any time
59.90€ ttc/Months
Dedicated Servers Your most important projects on a strong and scalable infrastructure
Dedicated Servers Dedicated server ISO mount vRack Ready Support 7J / 7 Priority
Internet domains 7.99€ ttc/year
Internet domains Your web addresses with over 220 Extensions available and pre-configured
Internet domains Domains Whois Protect + 220 Extensions available Delivered configured

Web Hosting

cheap web hosting on high-performance virtualized instances to put any type of project online.
For Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal web hosting or for your tailor-made projects, take advantage of high-performance hosting offers at reduced rates!

Why host your site on Nextwab?
Nextwab has been a set of key offers for your websites since 2013.
Offering what is not done elsewhere in terms of pricing and ergonomics, it is from this perspective that we are constantly innovating in services that optimally meet your needs and constraints.
Log in to your customer account To access the client interface and manage your services
Host your domain on your customer panel Go to the "Hosted Domains" section of the customer panel to add your website to host
Select the hosting server When you add the domain name of your website, a form opens to select or create the VPS server on which you want to host your domain name
The order is launched instantly The robots take care of the installation and configuration of the elements necessary to host your website
Get your access to deposit your files Your hosting space is ready! Connect to your server via SFTP to upload your files and manage your databases via the client panel
Web hosting on a VPS Mini 100 Mbps
1 vCores 1 Go 20 Go 100 Mbps 1 IPv4 5 Sites*
3.9 €TTC per month
Web hosting on a VPS Web Hosting - Small
1 vCores 2 Go 20 Go 100 Mbps 1 IPv4 8 Sites*
4.2 €TTC per month
Web hosting on a VPS E-Commerce
2 vCores 4 Go 100 Go 150 Mbps 1 IPv4 10 Sites*
7.45 €TTC per month
Web hosting on a VPS E-Commerce 4vCore
4 vCores 6 Go 150 Go 150 Mbps 1 IPv4 15 Sites*
10.4 €TTC per month
Web hosting on a VPS Devil Performance
8 vCores 12 Go 200 Go 150 Mbps 1 IPv4 25 Sites*
15.65 €TTC per month

Internet hosting without commitment
Free of engagement
To pay only for what is consumed
Youpass Web Hosting
Pre-Paid Account
The simple system to control your billing
Flexible Offers
Scalable at will
The performance of the accommodation can be changed at any time
French Internet Hoster
Made In France
A quality French
web host since 2013
Quality VPS Server
Quality accommodation
A flexible and robust environment for your most demanding projects
Quality internet hoster
Increased availability
We supervise our servers 24/24 to intervene immediately

Simply host your website

Use our customer panel to set up web hosting on your domain name, very simply! Héberger son site web Login

Very economical web hosting

For these prices, your websites are hosted on a private virtual server (VPS) dedicated to you.
Thanks to the client panel, you can now manage your domain names configured on your various servers very simply, without technical knowledge.

You keep control of your environment : Take advantage of a complete Linux environment of your choice (Debian / Linux) that you can modulate as you wish, like a dedicated server.

Step by step, but always easily ...!


Add your domain name to the customer panel


Select the VPS server to use


Only a few minutes left, the time that one of our robots adds the configuration of your server


Small bonus, another robot passes you to install an SSL certificate !

And after ...?
Your VPS is ready to host your site. Connect to your VPS to drop your files there ( Open documentation ).

Available on your web hosting
SSH SSL / HTTPs IP Privée dédiée Wordpress Joomla Drupal Apache 2.4 MariaDB Cloud Postfix Cloud BIND Cloud PHP 7.0 (Installable) PHP 7.2 PHP Imagick Cron (Configurable) Protection DDoS NodeJS (Installable) Nginx (Installable) Postfix non mutualisé (Installable) MySQL non mutualisé (Installable) BIND non mutualisé (Installable) VPN (Not available)

Scalable web hosting offers

Flexible Offers SSD web hosting, significant computing power, high availability environment?
Your servers can be personalized at any time and simply via your customer panel. Take advantage of more complex dedicated infrastructure deployments to monitor the progress of your projects, distribute the load of your applications and websites, ensure increased availability or even dedicate machines to specific tasks!

Our accessible rates are also intended for companies looking for resellable white label solutions. The automation of tasks & orders via our APIs ensures you a comfortable use in the 'installation of domain names, CMS, mailboxes, Databases on your web hosting servers.

Unlimited free traffic, MySQL databases, mailboxes & HTTPS

Unlimited web hosting Host your DNS zones, mailboxes, MySQL databases without limits. You can also host an unlimited number of domains on the proposed web hosting offers, the information indicated (* Number of sites per offer) being offered only as a quality repository for the stability of your servers. But you remain in control of the number of sites you want to host on your offer.

150 Mbps speed included, up to 300 Mbps peak and DDoS protection on all your offers and hosting servers. A total of 5 Gbps that evolves on our fleet of servers day by day.

Our exclusive recipe for cheap web hosting

Quality accommodation offers

Quality included
Our customers need performance, better than elsewhere, cheaper than elsewhere.
Unlike traditional shared web hosting offered by the majority of web hosts, the offers offered here are Cloud web hosting offers.

For the majority of the public, shared web hosting is too unreliable and a VPS server is too complicated to use.
Thus, we offer the perfect fusion between the two: hosting on a VPS server, managed as a shared.

To optimize your flexibility, manage your budget and fund your account when you want, with the amount you want!
No commitment, Guarantee satisfied or reimbursed for 30 days ... Zero risk!

How to determine the best accommodation offer to choose?

Best web host This is a recurring question, which has no universal answer.
Each project being unique, it is advisable beforehand to study the resources monopolized by your websites. High traffic site? Big application? Take advantage of the tailor-made customization of the performance of your servers to build servers that are perfectly suited to your websites, without incurring lateral costs due to a move upmarket of unwanted resources.

We offer our customers expertise and load supervision solutions to optimize and monitor your applications and services.

To start
As soon as your first server opens, monitor the status of your processors and available RAM memory, then adjust if necessary!