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3.80€ ttc/Months
Web Hosting High-performance, high-quality cheap web hosting on virtualized servers.
Internet host Web Hosting On virtual private servers Non-binding offers 24 hour supervised servers
cheap VPS 3.80€ ttc/Months
VPS server All the power of a cheap and customized VPS server
Internet host VPS server Instant delivery VPS without obligation Tailor-made & extendable at any time
59.90€ ttc/Months
Dedicated Servers Your most important projects on a strong and scalable infrastructure
Dedicated Servers Dedicated server ISO mount vRack Ready Support 7J / 7 Priority
Internet domains 7.99€ ttc/year
Internet domains Your web addresses with over 220 Extensions available and pre-configured
Internet domains Domains Whois Protect + 220 Extensions available Delivered configured

Web Hosting, Cloud Instance


Simple offers

3.80€ ttc/Months Your website in a few clicks entirely managed by the customer panel
Web Hosting Offers Web Hosting


Power & Flexibility

3.80€ ttc/Months Calculation solutions for your most demanding web or application projects
VPS offers VPS server


The identity of your ideas

7.99€ ttc/Months Give your projects a solid and original identity to stand out
Internet domains Domains
Your ideas and your websites hosted in the cloud
From a French internet host!
French Web Hosting Our servers in Europe & in France We supply our power from Grenoble, Roubaix, London, Gravelines, Beauharnois in Canada, on robust and supercharged networks and equipment
Custom VPS servers Compose your projects on the go Your projects are unique, and so are our internet hosting offers! Compose your custom cloud architecture, to have the best pricing applied to your needs!
Quality accommodation Quality services Our servers supervised 24 hours a day for formulas studied and refined with care. Sustain your most critical projects in terms of availability and reliability!

A powerful Cloud

Requirement N°1: As quickly as possible, where you are expected. Getting closer to your customers is getting closer to what is essential.
With new servers in North America in addition to our hosting servers in France, you offer additional convenience to your visitors as well as the guarantee of premium quality loading time.
Internet host Canada Internet host France
Requirement N°2: Performance at a compressed rate Nextwab automatically propels you outside the obsolete context of shared hosting to offer you your web hosting on VPS servers. These servers, with a reputation for power equaling their management difficulty, are now fully tamed by your client panel to be managed with just a few clicks!
Internet host from 3.80 € ttc / Month!
Requirement N°3: Flexibility and responsiveness. Your VPS servers delivered within the minute and scalable at any time, free of charge.
For a temporary development server, an e-commerce production server or even a load balanced and redundant solution? We provide solutions adapted to the environment you are looking for for all your application projects.
As most of them can be composed from your customer panel, the support remains at your disposal for personalized solutions.

Nextwab: Unified hosting solutions

Nextwab DNA: Web hosting The servers we select from the most trusted data centers are imbued with Nextwab intelligence to deliver this quality service to you, on a global scale. Thus, we install ourselves in the heart of the most efficient server racks or deploy our equipment in computer rooms that meet our standards in terms of requirements or those of our customers.

This recipe guarantees the achievement of our objectives: High quality web hosting and customer satisfaction!
The Story #1 :
Nextwab came to fill a need that arose in the second we sought to self-train on website creation: Free or inexpensive internet hosts did not meet our expectations.

Insanitary disk space, limited monthly traffic, restricted PHP functionalities, we had no choice but to have used these web hosting solutions to host our test projects or those on a low budget. The more our knowledge improved, the more the thirst for learning grew, while being more and more stifled by the technical limitations imposed on our accommodation.

# 2011: The first idea: Processing Only
The first measure implemented was the installation of a very small Windows server configured by us which was only intended to be synchronized with our free hosting spaces. The purpose of this synchronization was to serve all the missing functionalities of our web hosting: Image resizing, anti-virus analysis, e-mailing, etc ...
This technological support has greatly helped us and fully fulfilled its mission. Faced with the success and growing interest of this service among a few colleagues, it was opened to the public to allow the execution of processing scripts designed by third parties.

# 2012: The first cluster
To improve user comfort, the very first Nextwab cluster was created with 3 cloned servers using a common storage space of 1 Tera-Octect and a bandwidth of 20 Mbps.

# 2013: Development of a web hosting platform
Due to the technical architecture already in place, it required very few improvements to allow web sites to be hosted on these servers. This has enabled us to acquire technological autotomy and total control of our development environments, the bandwidth is evolving towards 2x20 Mbps to be able to ensure this evolution correctly.

#End 2013: Nextwab enters the corporate world
Faced with growth ambitions and the demand from our customers wishing to pay for guaranteed services, Nextwab is registered with the Clermont-Ferrand CCI and officially becomes a company.

# 2015: The first Nextwab Datacenter in Clermont-Ferrand
To secure and make our infrastructures more reliable, we have decided to rent a small real estate area in which we have installed a cluster of 30 new servers, secure access with airlock and digicode, surveillance cameras, a bandwidth of 1 Gbps and 10 Tera-Octect storage space. This datacenter is synchronized with another smaller cluster located at OVH at RBX-2 which takes over in the event of failure of the Clermont-Ferrand datacenter.

# 2016: The arrival of VPS servers
To meet the growing demand from our customers for semi-dedicated hosting solutions, we made the necessary investments for the research and development campaign, which lasted 3 months. 3 months of studies and experimentation to master server virtualization and integrate the automation of VPS servers into our service catalog.
Thus, Nextwab simultaneously offers shared web hosting and VPS servers

# 2017: The arrival of dedicated servers
Following the interest of private investors for dedicated hosting solutions, we have started to deploy a computer rack in Grenoble to offer the rental of dedicated servers to our customers. These offers, because of their particularity, were intended for customers with projects that are very demanding in terms of performance. At the same time, it was necessary to develop a range of server outsourcing services to support Web agencies and project managers wishing to focus on the evolution of their applications rather than on the management of their IT infrastructure. .

# 2018: End of the marketing of shared offers
Over the course of security updates and faced with the technical difficulty encountered in making PHP version 5.6 & 7+ coexist with the modules and features offered by Nextwab, the shared services infrastructure is split into two for a few months : The PHP 7+ cluster and the PHP5.6 cluster. This troubleshooting network architecture has many technical drawbacks and requires dual management which makes its operation more complicated and penalizes upgrading work. Following this, the marketing of shared web hosting offers is stopped and shared services continue to operate to maintain the subscribed offers.

# 2019: New customer panel & New range of "Cloud" services
A few months before the end of the marketing of shared offers, a hybrid web hosting project was being tested. The goal: to offer exactly the same type of service as shared web hosting, but on VPS servers. The goal is to provide the end customer with management of the configuration of his site via the client panel, without having to handle his VPS server. This range of services also allows the installation and configuration of features specific to a non-standard web project, according to the customer\'s wishes.
Called "Cloud Web Hosting", this service is delivered at the same time with a whole new client panel and a API suite intended for the automated management of services by a third party application or third party interface.

# 2020 and beyond: With you to write our story
We still have plenty of dreams and projects in the making. We plan to expand our infrastructure in Australia and South Africa to complement our points of presence in France, England and Canada. We also want to offer our services for resale with turnkey solutions. Stay tuned !
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Support 7J / 7
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3.80€ ttc/Months
Web Hosting Cheap and efficient web hosting on virtual private servers.
Web Hosting Web Hosting
Web Hosting
The web hosting offers are offers intended to be simple: Host your site on a virtualized server dedicated to you
Web Hosting Web Hosting
PHP 7.2 PHP 7.2
Support 7J / 7 Support 7J / 7
SSD or HDD servers SSD or HDD servers
Uptime 99.9% Uptime 99.9%
Unlimited Mailboxes Unlimited Mailboxes
.htaccess support .htaccess support
Custom php.ini Custom php.ini
Rewrite URL Rewrite URL
Firewall Firewall
CronJob tasks CronJob tasks
SSH access SSH access
MultiSQL MultiSQL
Free SSL Certification Free SSL Certification
VPS Server Offers 3.80€ ttc/Months
VPS server The power of a custom and cheap Nextwab's VPS server
Cheap VPS server VPS server
VPS server
Give your projects the nudges they need
Cheap VPS server VPS server
SSH Access Root SSH Access Root
VPS sessions on time VPS sessions on time
VPS Delivered naked VPS Delivered naked
Servers in Roubaix Servers in Roubaix
Free of engagement Free of engagement
Custom Custom
Flexible Performance Flexible Performance
Instant delivery Instant delivery
Possibility of outsourcing Possibility of outsourcing
Quality Uptime Quality Uptime
Cheap Dedicated Server 39.90€ ttc/Months
Dedicated server Your most important projects on a strong and scalable infrastructure Cheap Dedicated Server Dedicated server
Dedicated server
A whole dedicated material power
Cheap Dedicated Server Dedicated server
Custom configuration Custom configuration
Scalable Configuration Scalable Configuration
ISO mount ISO mount
vRack vRack
Anti-DDoS Protection Anti-DDoS Protection
Possibility of supervision Possibility of supervision
Possibility of outsourcing Possibility of outsourcing
Possibility without commitment Possibility without commitment
Firewall Security Firewall Security
Servers in Grenoble Servers in Grenoble